Employee Onboarding tool

Programming Language Used:-JSP


Localhost Server:-Apache tomcat V.6.02

Employee Onboarding Tool Home Login Page

Login Page With JS for Validtion

Login Page Error When we dont input Password

Login Page When our username and password not matched

New Employee Onboarding Request Sending Page

When we submit Information Then A Email is Send to Employee As Well as Other Hr(IT,Service & PD) department

Employee Onboarding Request Successfully Sent ......

Hr Manager Home With New Employee Info. Page

Hr Manager Home Page With All Employee Info Page

Hr Manager Comment Box Page

Hr Manager Employee Search Page

Logout Page

Logout Page with When Session Expire

IT Department home Page

IT Manager Fill The Employee IT Info Page

Employee IT Info. Saved Page

Employee Name Is Auto Updated In IT manger All Employee List

Another IT Manger Home page where We Can show Other Info

Employee Onboarding Home Page (Where he can View IT ,Service And PD Info)

Employee IT Info Page

Same As Employee Service Info Page

Same As Employee PD Info Page

IT Manager Can Edit Employee IT Info Page.

Updated the Employee IT Info Page

IT Manager Logout Page